Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Kolkata - Slums near the Flower Market

Kolkata is developing rapidly and in the process many slums are being cleared to make new land for development. Some slums however still exist and are just as crowded and busy as ever.

Rural India (Tarakeswar) West Bengal

Much of the land of India is highly fertile, but the presures of the enlarging cities are being felt even in small country villages and market towns.

Fishing for Coins

It is common to find children hunting for coins using a magnet on a string. Favourite haunts for them are the tanks that you find at temples (pilgrims throw coins into the water)

Diamond Harbour - West Bengal

I spent a day in Diamond Harbour, where the River Ganges meets the Bay of Bengal.

Development in the area is rapidly changing the lives of the little fishing villages which up until recently have enjoyed prosperity and unlimited stocks of fish.