Sunday, 17 June 2012

North Wales - Climb Every Mountain

Over the past five days I have completed the challenge of climbing every mountain in North wales over 2500 ft. (The list being based upon the UK 3000 ft Peaks list and Corbett's List of Peaks 2500-3000 ft).

The mountains climbed (by area) were :

Cader Idris (893m)

Arenig Fawr (854m)
Glasgym (780m)

Aran Fawddwy (905m)

Moel Siabod (872m)
Moel Hebog (782m)
Moelwyn Mawr (770m)

Y Lliwedd (898m)
Snowdon (1085m)
Carnedd Ugain (1065m)
Crib Goch (923m)

Y Garn (947m)
Glyder Fawr (999m)
Glyder Fach (994m)
Tryfan (915m)

Pen y Ole Wen (978m)
Carnedd Llewelyn (1064m)
Carnedd Dafydd (1044m)
Carnedd Uchaf (926m)
Elidir Fawr (924m)
Foel Fras (842m)
Foel Grach (976m)
Yr Elen (962m)
Pen Lithrig y Wrach (799m)

Cadair Berwyn (830m)

The weather was great for the first three days - but then turned nasty so that the last groups of peaks were done in thick mist, driving rain and with winds up to Gale Force 8 (The photos below do not give a full ballance of the meteorological conditions !)

Taking the Northern and the Southern Mountains together, I have now climbed all 31 Peaks over 2500ft in Wales ...

31 Peaks
11 Different mountain ranges
125 Miles (approximately) of walking
20,000 ft of ascent (approximately ) ...About the same as climbing Mount Everest from Base Camp (twice !)

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Sarah Outen - Good News

Sarah Outen - Who has been trying to travel round the world single handed, using only her own power has had to be rescued from her boat Gulliver, which was capsized by a tropical storm in the Pacific.

Sarah has been very supportive of my fund raising activities - and has also made a personal link with the children at Future Hope.

I am sure all my readers will join with me in wishing her a speedy recovery from her ordeal.

The following link shows photos of Sarah’s rescue taken by the Coastguard:

You can get more news on her blog

Sarah on board Gulliver (photo thanks to AFP)